Vol 7 (1994)

Stephen Leacock Issue

Table of Contents


The Need for Dormitories at McGill PDF
Stephen Leacock 6–10
Leacock Remains at McGill: Some Notes on the Stephen Leacock Collection PDF
Bruce Whiteman 11–14
Stephen Leacock and His Books PDF
The Editors 15–32
The Leacock Mission Statement PDF
Ian Binnie 33–39
James McGill and the War of 1812 PDF
Stanley Brice Frost 41–52
Excavating Collections: Archaeological Finds at the Redpath Museum PDF
Michael Bisson, Barbara Lawson, Bruce Trigger 53–71
The General Portrayed: Sir Arthur Currie and his Painters PDF
Robert H. Michel 73–102
Witness Testimonies of the Holocaust and the Meaning of Memory PDF
Yehudi Lindeman 103–112
Hugh MacLennan As I Knew Him PDF
Louise Gareau-Des Bois 113–126
Les Archives Photographiques Notman du Musée McCord PDF
Barbara M. Syrek 127–147

Notes and Comments

Leacock Enters McGill PDF
Marcel Caya 149–152
McLennan Library: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary PDF
Peter F. McNally 152–155
Macdonald Physics Building: 1893–1993 PDF
Montague Cohen 155–158
Views of Rome, Visions of Rome: Piranesi Prints from the Nobbs Collection in the Blackader-Lauterman Library, McGill University PDF
Ron Harvie 158–164
"House Portraits": Four Krieghoff Oil Paintings at the McCord Collection PDF
Conrad E.W. Graham 164–169
An Early Canadian Herbal PDF
Alfred Van Peteghem 170–174
In Touch with History: The Archival Collection of Professor Thomas Henry Clark PDF
Jason Pan 174–181
Beatrice V. Simon (1899–1994) PDF
Peter F. McNally 181–183
The Rutherford Museum PDF
Montague Cohen 183–184


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Guidelines for Authors PDF
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